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Art-object from SCAZY on AFTERHALLOWEEN '19

Обновлено: 20 апр.

Probably everyone has heard about the loudest and most beautiful party of 2019, which is called AFTER HALLOWEEN. This is a costume ball that unfolded on the 14th floors of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Thousands of incredible costumes, hundreds of music venues, art and a festive atmosphere until the morning.

Zorik Istomin activated his digital avatar SCAZY again and, together with the UFO team, decorated the 13th floor of the hotel in the style of Patternism and distributed a powerful sound all night to everyone who tried to get on the floor.

By the way, it was problematic to do this, since the 13th and 14th floors were the hottest spots of AFTERHALLOWEEN this year.

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